Lincoln sheep: The largest British sheep

Lincoln Sheep primarily raised for wool. The breed is originated from England. The Lincoln breed is one of the largest British sheep that produce the longest, heaviest and lustrous fleece.

Lincoln Sheep breed information

The Lincoln Sheep are large-sized breed which has the best fleece in the world.

Lincolns may be white or colored, including shades of gray, silver, charcoal, and black

Both sexes are polled 

The mature Lincoln Sheep ram weighs  150 kg (330 lb) and ewe weighs 100 kg (220 lb).

The fleece of the Lincoln is carried in heavy locks that are often twisted into a spiral near the end.

The average fleece weight is 5 kg to 9 kg with a staple length of 20 to 45 cm and a fiber diameter of 33 to 41 microns. The fleece is long, heavy and coarse.

The staple length in Lincolns is among the longest of all the breeds.

Lincoln Sheep are average in prolificacy as the ewes are busy in feeding.

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Things to know

The Lincoln sheep is cross between the Leicester and the coarse native sheep of Lincolnshire.

The fleece of Lincoln Sheep is in great demand for spinning and weaving.

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust has categorized the Lincoln Sheep as “at-risk”.

Only 1500 registered breeding ewes are in the UK.

In the 18th century, Lincoln was imported to the United States but the breed is popular in Canada than in the United States.

Like most other longwool breeds, Lincoln is globally rare and facing an uncertain future.

Brief characteristics of Lincoln Sheep

Breed NameLincoln Sheep
Other NameLincoln Longwool
Country/Place of OriginEngland
Breed Purposeamericameat and wool
Breed Sizelarge
150 kg (330 lb)
Ewe(Female)100 kg (220 lb)
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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