Lohani cattle breed facts

Lohani cattle were really a working strain. They have been used for agricultural and transportation tasks. But now they are utilized for milk production also.

The Lohani cattle are very hardy and energetic animals. As a smaller sized cows breed, they are extremely suitable for lighting work in picturesque and sub-hilly locations. They may be well adapted and will perform in these areas.

The Lohani cattle are draft type breed of cows. They are mainly found in Dera Ismail Khan of Pakistan at NWF province and the Loralai district of Baluchistan province.

The Lohani cattle belong to the zebu breed of cattle. And they are usually found in the hilly regions of Pakistan and India. Roots of these cattle breeds are unknown. However, it’s believed that the breed originated in Pakistan from Lorali.

These creatures are adapted to survive here as they have relatively long legs to cross those irregular hills (that are usually between 3000 and 10000 ft tall), and they’re short in size.

This cows breed can be known as Acchai cattle in the Northwest Frontier of Pakistan, in which these creatures are found in many numbers.

The Lohani cattle used for transportation and agricultural tasks and were also a working animal. As milking creatures, However, they’re also being used.

Usually, they are animals that are active and extremely hardy and are well suited for their native location. They can do well in places that are comparable and Loralai.

The Lohani cattle are smaller in size than a number of different types of cows. They are actually draft kind cattle having ears, big eyes, and a narrow face.

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They have developed hump, moderate dewlap, black switch of the tail along with the cows have little wrapped udder up.

They are reddish in color with white stains. The forehead of the Lohani cattle is slightly concave and frequently has white markings.

The two bulls and cows usually have horns. Their horns are thick long and vertical. Bodyweight of the bulls is 300-350 kg, and the cows weigh approximately 235 kg.

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