Lourdais cattle breed information

Lourdais cattle breed has been regarded as the most effective multipurpose breed at the Pyrenees. They were used for hauling timber from the hills and for making milk. Now the breed is used mainly for meat production.

The Lourdais cows are of very excellent behavior and have a relatively calm temperament. The cows are milk manufacturers, and they make approximately 6000 kg of milk per lactation. Milk of the Lourdais cows was used for making cheese. The strain is great for beef production. And today it’s raised as a beef cattle breed.


Lourdais cattle are medium-sized creatures. They’ve creamy yellow or white-colored coat with clear skin.

Both bulls and cows have horns. Their horns are long with up curving.

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Dwell bodyweight of this Lourdais cattle is about 650 kg.

The Lourdais cattle are a multipurpose breed of cows. They are a French breed of cows in the Pyrenees. The breed is now used for meat production. Cows come from a group of historical cattle breeds. Those cows were famous for a long time in Aquitaine, parent of cattle breed.

Before getting Blonde d’Aquitaine in 1962, this strain has been sprinkled with additional yellowish breeds as”Blondes des Pyrénées”. Amounts of this Lourdais cattle breed dropped in the 1980s to one bull and 30 cows. But currently, you will find 20 bulls and 170 cows. A’Ferme Conservatoire’ maintains a herd of twenty cows.


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