Luing cattle breed facts

Luing cattle are a medium-large sized creature.

They are normally dun or red-brown. The average height of the bulls is approximately 140 cm, and 130 cm for cows. The cows on typical weight approximately 500 kg. And normal body fat of the bulls is about 950 kg.

The aim was to produce a good beef cow with the capacity to increase a crab under unfavorable weather conditions. Today the Luing cattle are raised for meat production.

Luing cows are moderately sized and extremely hardy animals. Creatures are long-lived. And the cows may give birth.

The strain is highly considered for hardiness and ease of handling. The Luing cattle breed is still farmed today. They are farmed in Scotland, but also in other regions of the world.


The Luing cows are a breed of beef cows that are raised primarily for meat production. The breed was developed from the Cadzow brothers (Ralph, Denis, and Shane) about the island of Luing in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland in 1947.

The strain derived from crossing the Beef Shorthorn with all the Highland breed. The Cadzow brothers crossbred 2 types of cows to generate the Luing; the Highland as the heifer and the Beef Shorthorn since the bull, also were the very first breed of cows developed in Britain ago.

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The Shorthorn was chosen because of the flavor of meat and it is fleshing qualities because it leads the hardiness that today we could see in the breed, along with the Highland was chosen.

The three sons established that the Luing cattle breed which we have today, through a program.

The Luing cattle breed was officially recognized by the British Government in 1965.

The Cadzow relatives continue to raise the Luing cattle along with the breed remains popular on the surrounding isles, such as Scarba and Torsa.

The strain is highly known for its hardiness and ease of handling. And it has been exported to a lot of countries across the globe such as Canada and New Zealand.

The Luing cows were named after the island of Luing.

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