Madura cattle breed

The Madura cows are native in Madura Island of Indonesia. They utilized and are raised for draught, milk, beef, racing and beauty competition in Indonesia.

They are generally referred to as a cross between Bos javanicus and Bos indicus (zebu), dependent on the phenotypic look.

Madura cattle breed information

The Madura cattle are modest sized creature. They are reddish brown in coloration with patterning that is white on the back and rump.

Both bulls and cows usually have horns, and their horns are all of small-sized and upwards curved.

As a little breed, the average body weight of the cows is approximately 250 kg.

And the typical bodyweight of the bulls is about 300 kg.

Madura cattle breed benefits

The Madura cows are multipurpose critters and used for many purposes. They are used in their native place for meat, milk, draught and racing.

The Madura cows are strong and hardy creatures. They are well known for bull racing.

In bull racing two bulls are yoked together, pulling on a little sled where the driver attempts to balance within a course.

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Madura cattle breed Origin

The Madura cattle originated in the Madura Island near northeastern Java, in which the original cows population was Banteng (that is very similar to the Bali cows ).

A zebu cattle breed in Sri Lanka named Sinhala cows were introduced more than 1500 years ago.

And a cross between the Banteng as well as the Sinhala cattle resulted creatures than either of the cattle breeds.

Some sources say that the Zebu component was the Ongole cows breed in India. The breed is known as the dance cows.

The FAO estimated the total population of this Madura cattle in 2002 in 900,000. And attempts are being made to preserve the breed.

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