Malnad Gidda cattle breed

The Malnad Gidda cows are a dwarf breed of cows from India. It is also known as Uradana, Gidda, Malenadu Gidda along Varshagandhi.

The word Malnad means Gidda means and region small or dwarf. The strain is native to the hilly, densely and humid populated Malenadu region of the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka in India.

It plays a role in the economy of this area by giving milk, manure and draft power with inputs that are negligible.

The main breeding tract of this Malnad Gidda cattle includes Chikmagalur, Dakshin Kannada, Hassan, Kodagu, Shimoga, Uttar Kannada and Udupi districts of Karnataka.

Malnad Gidda cattle breed information

The Malnad Gidda cows are little animals with overriding black coat colour with light shades of fawn on thigh and shoulder region.

They’ve body frame and a small. The two cows and bolls usually have horns, and their horns are generally small in size upward, outward and inward.

Their tail change is black in color. Udder of the cows is small and they have little hump and bowl-shaped.

Malnad Gidda cattle benefits

Malnad Gidda cows are draught animals. They are raised for milk production.

The Malnad Gidda cattle are hardy creatures. They’re famous for their short stature, adaptability to native ponds and disease resistance capacity.

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They can be sustained on grazing coastal terrains and the forests. And they are highly adapted to harsh climate such as rainfall.

The cows are good milk producers. Elite cows can create about 3-5 liters of milk. The milk and urine of the Malnad Gidda cows is considered to be of medicinal value.

These animals are shy in temperament and comparatively docile. They are mainly reared in their location under low input output system that was .

They are also increased in virtually no input system in certain areas where grazing is sustained on by them. Once a nondescript variety and now has been announced as a breed by the police, the breed was.

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