Malvi cattle breed

The Malvi cows are a strain of zebu cattle from the Malwa plateau in western Madhya Pradesh, in central India. It is also is known as Mahadeopuri, Malavi or even Manthani.

The breed is employed as milk production and a good draught strain of these cows is fairly low. The breeding tracts of this strain include Ujjain, Ratlam, Shajapur and Rajgarh areas of Madhya Pradesh.

The strain has grown into different strains such as mild, moderate and heavy in size based on soil requirements. The Malvi cattle breed has been studied in the Government Cattle Breeding Farm in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh for over 50 years, in Agar.

Malvi cattle breed information

The Malvi cattle are among the very very beautiful cows breeds of India. They are usually small in size with short, deep and compact bodies.

They’ve drooping hindquarters along with their spine is straight. They have legs and their hooves are both powerful and black in colour.

They have and the sheath is pretty pendulous. Malvi cattle have broad and short head with forehead that is eyebrow. There are black color around also the eye membranes and the eye socket.

The muzzle is dark-colored, broad and slightly upturned. Both bulls and cows have horns, along with their horns emerge in the angles of their survey at an outward and upwards direction. They have pointed and short ears that aren’t dropping.

The Malvi cows have a tail of moderate length with black switch reaching to about the fetlock. They are white or white greyish in color. Both bulls and cows finally become nearly pure white with age. The elevation of the cows is approximately 140 cm for those bulls, along with about 130 cm.

The typical live body fat of the bulls is approximately 500 kg. And the cows on typical weight about 340 kg.

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Malvi cattle benefits

The Malvi cattle are primarily employed as a draught animal. The cows not great for the production of milk and aren’t great milk producers.

Malvi cattle are well-known for their draft qualities. They are observed to be quite great on the street for fast transportation.

The bullocks function in the black cotton soil. The bullocks show great endurance and capacity to carry heavy loads on rough roads.

The cows aren’t one of the milk producers. On average they could create only about 600 to 1200 kg of milk per lactation. However, their milk is of very superior quality, containing about 4.3 percentage of fat.

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