Marchigiana Cattle breed information

The Marchigiana cattle (pronounced as mar-key-jar-Nah) are a domestic breed of cattle that are indigenous to Italy. The strain was originated in the Marche area.

It’s a breed of cattle kept for meat now, and it was bred for draft function before the 1950s as oxen.

Marchigiana cattle breed information

Marchigiana cattle are large creatures and they have many similarities to the Chianina cattle breed in appearance. It’s a short creature and it has color vary from light gray to almost white.

Their outside and muzzle, tongue opening are shameful and the skin is pigmented. They are usually dark around the eyes and their button is dim. They could be either horned or polled.

The horned animals have moderate-sized horns along with the horns are black at the tip, white in the middle and have a cast at the bottom. The horns are curved in bulls and upwards in cattle.

Legs of these Marchigiana cattle are moderate in length and the creatures are large and muscular with a nice bone structure.

The average body weight of the cows is located 600 and between 700 kg. And the typical bodyweight of those bulls varies from 900 to 1100 kg.

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Marchigiana cattle benefits

The Marchigiana cattle are raised mainly as a beef cattle breed. They have been also used since oxen for draft work ahead of the 1950s.

Marchigiana cattle are muscle with a nice bone structure. They grow faster and also have a higher feed conversion ratio.

They have excellent disease resistance power and also may adapt themselves readily. The bulls are vigorous and the cows are milk manufacturers.

The cows are very fertile and reach adulthood. The dispositions have been reportedly mild under the wide range of conditions below which have been utilized.


Marchigiana cattle breed was developed by crossing native Podolian cattle with all the Romagnola and Chianina strains. Even though the strain isn’t as tall as the Chianina, however now it still bears a similarity to the Chianina cows.

Now the Marchigiana cattle makeup about 45% of their beef herd in Italy, and have been exported globally to the United States and various other countries.

Today the breed is a competitive breed of beef cattle that is widespread through the Labium Abruzzo, Marches, and Campania areas.

Approximately 50,000 head of those animals is enrolled with the herdbook. The strain is also called Del Cubante Avellino.

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