Maronesa cattle breed

The Maronesa cows are a crude breed of cows from the Trás-os-Montes area in Portugal. The strain resembles in a number of features to the aurochs, the ancestor of domestic cattle.

According to the genetic evidence it is extremely different from other Iberian cows. And it is not a crossbreed of cattle breeds like Barrosa or Mirandesa cattle.

The strain area is circumscribed in Vila real district. And there’s also a herd in the Netherlands used as 2012 at the TaurOs Project.

Maronesa cattle breed information

Maronesa cows are moderate sized creatures. Bulls and cows have been distinct in size.

The bulls are generally much bigger than the cows and are naturally dark brown to black.

They keep a lightly colored mouth along with a mild eel stripe. Head of the bulls is large and has hair around the front of the head.

The color of the front part of the head varies from brownish. Both cows and bulls normally have horns, and their horns are thick and swung forwards.

Body of the bulls is well-muscled and has a swung backline due to the strongly pronounced shoulder- and – neck musculature.

On the flip side, the cows are relatively gracile than the bulls. The cows tend to be lighter in color than the bulls (although some cows possess a dark shade as well). Udders of the cows is small and hairy .

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They have small to dewlap.

Maronesa cattle Advantages

The Maronesa cows are multi-purpose animals. They are used for meat and milk production, and also used as draught animals.

Maronesa cattle are a really hardy breed, and they’re ideal for the harsh conditions.

They can live without any human interference and are capable. Choice within the population of this breed is utilised to boost primitive traits.

Due to the strong similarity of the Maronesa using its wild ancestor, no crossbreeding is currently taking place.

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