Massese Sheep

Massese Sheep breed primarily raised for milk. The breed is native to the province of Massa Carrara in Tuscany, Central Italy. A carpet wool breed kept for both milk and meat production.

Massese Sheep breed information

Massese breed is medium-sized sheep primarily raised for milk.

Adult Massese ram weighs 90 kg (200 lb) and ewe weighs 65 kg (145 lb).

Both the sexes are horned and have a distinctive roman nose.

Adult Massese ram height 85 cm and ewe is 77 cm.

Massese Sheep is not a seasonal breeder, remains oestrus throughout the year.

Massese Sheep can have 3 lambing cycle in two years. They have a twinning percentage of 135%.

The slaughtering weight of 10 to 15 kg.

The milk yield per lactation is 140 liters, sometimes it may reach 300 to 350 liters, with fat percentage of 6.2 % and 5.3 % protein.

The Massese Sheep wool color is dark grey to black.

Massese sheep elongs to the Apennine group.

Massese sheep is a carpet wool breed kept for both milk and meat production.

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Things to know

The name of the breed comes from the province of Massa.

The  Associazione Nazionale Della Pastorizia has kept the genealogical handbook for Massese breed, it’s one of the seventeen autochthonous Italian sheep breeds.

The herdbook was established in 1971.

Brief characteristics of Massese Sheep

Breed NameMassese Sheep
Other Name 
Country/Place of OriginItaly
Breed Purposeamericamilk and meat
Breed Sizemedium
90 kg (200 lb)
Ewe(Female)65 kg (145 lb)
Kiddingsingle or twins
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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