Mehsana goat breed information

The Mehsana goat is a dual-purpose breed of goat which is raised mainly for milk and meat production. The breed originates from India’s Gujarat state.

And it’s an important strain in its area of origin. The Mehsana goat breed derives its name from the origin place referred to as ‘Mehsana’.

The strain is located in it’s most pure form within this region. Even the Mehsana goat distributed and is broadly spread in Ahmadabad, Palanur, Gandhi Nagar, Banaskantha and areas. The goat breed’s flock size vary in 15-300 some flocks of 2-5 goats are also found.

Mehsana goat breed information

The Mehsana goats are medium to large-sized animals with convex face profile. Their coat color is mostly black with white spots. The hair on the jacket is very long and shaggy.

Their nose is straight. Ears of the Mehsana goat are in color, which can be leaf-like and falling. Both does and bucks usually have horns.

Their horns have one or two spins and rounded up and backward together with pointed tips. Their tail remains upward and is short.

Udder of this Mehsana does is developed, and the teats are conical and large.

The bucks on average weight about 37 kg and the average body weight of the does are about 32 kg.

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Mehsana goat benefits

Mehsana goat is a dual-purpose breed of domestic goats. It is increased for both meat and meat production. But the breed is also good for hair creation.

Mehsana goats are relatively hardy and lively goats. Most of the flocks are stationary and increased on grazing system. And only a few flocks migrate to the nearby places. Even the Mehsana does are good milk producers.

Plus they create about 1.3 liters of milk every day. Their first kidding age varies from 600 to 650 days. Kidding is common, and also twinning is low and ranges from 10-15 percent.

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