Mirandesa Cattle Information

The Mirandesa cattle are a draft cattle breed which can be likewise useful for meat production.

They located in both central and northeastern Portugal and subtropical Orense in Spain and are strain of Portugal.

Mirandesa Cattle Characteristics

Mirandesa Cattle are moderate-sized creatures with light to dark brown color.

You will find a fringe of hair on these animals’ heads. Both bulls and cows usually have horns.

Their horns are large which grow outward and bend and then. Ears of these animals are lined with hair that was abundant and long.

The height of the cows is approximately 133 cm in the wither, and about 143 cm for the bulls.

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Bodyweight of the bulls is approximately 900 kg. And bodyweight of these cows is around 550 kg.

Mirandesa cattle benefits

The Mirandesa Cattle was formerly utilized as a draft breed.

But now they are being employed mainly for beef production.

Mirandesa cattle are strong animals and they are well adapted to restricted rough forage and tough environment.

They are energetic but docile in temperament.

The breed is well known for its longevity.

Mirandesa Facts

Steak of this Mirandesa Cattle is highly valued in Portugal due to its excellent taste and feel.

The strain is also known by some other names like Frieiresa (in Spanish) and also Ratinha.

The strain has DOC’S secure status .

Mirandesa cattle were also a very hardy and popular draft strain and even used to pull fishing ships from water in the late 1970s.

For generating breef but today the breed is increased in Northeast Transmontano’s pastures.

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