Modern Game poultry Information

Modern Game poultry was developed mainly to their utility traits, not for exhibition purpose. And today they’re retained purely for ornamental purpose or exhibition. They originated in Great Britain.

The Modern Game chicken was developed from breeding Malay chicken and Old English Game during the 1850s.

Birds are striking and have been bred as a sleeker version. Despite being classified as game cows, the Modern Games weren’t bred for fighting.

Modern Game Chicken Characteristics

Modern Game chicken has a long thin neck and a very upright posture.

It is a feathered bird with throat and long legs, which give it a slender look.

Modern Game chicken should have horizontal iron when seen from above and have a tail and hard feathering. The Modern Game poultry appears in many color varieties.

The color forms are Brichens, Black Brown, Black Red, Piles, and Duckwings. Currently, there are 18 color varieties recognized from America and 13 colors in the UK.

The Modern Game chicken’s colors can be divided into two groups. And these really are with eyes and legs, and variety with eyes that are red and yellowish legs.

Skin color and the comb, wattles of the Modern Games vary from red to mulberry depending on the variety.

Each of the varieties has a small comb. Their skin color is white. Though they are tightly feathered and possess combs that were small, this doesn’t mean they are well shielded from the cold.

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The men of the Modern Game chicken should have their combs and wattles eliminated to enhance their long shape.

Standard Modern Gamecock weighs around 3.0-4.0 kg and hens about 2.2 – 3.2 kg. And bantam cock weighs approximately 0.5-0.6 kg and hens around 0.45-0.5 kg.

Modern Game poultry Benefits

Nowadays Modern Game poultry is increased mainly for decorative or show function.

They’re neither appreciated for meat production nor even decent egg layers.

They’re an odd addition to the garden and backyard with their tall, slim appearances which won’t scratch similar to most other chicken strains .

They are typically a calm bird and quite simple to keep. Hens aren’t excellent layers and put 50-80 little sized tinted colored eggs .

Along with the hens have a propensity to go broody and they’re great moms. Modern Game chicken strain is lively and noisy.

They generally cannot tolerate confinement. From time to time, the roosters as well as the hens could be competitive.

They’re chatty, spontaneous, and want to climb around you as soon as you walk in their coop.

Bantam Edition of Modern Game poultry is considerably popular compared to Conventional dimensions


They sold at high price and then attained large recognition.But throughout the late portion of the 1900s century that they declined in popularity.

But they have increased in demand and popularity especially the bantam variety. There are lots of color varieties a bantam version available and offered of the chicken breed.

The modern Game chicken was included at the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.

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