Mongolian cattle breed

The Mongolian cattle are a breed of domestic cattle native to Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.

It has been herded for many years by nomads and is valued for their quality meat.

Mongolian cattle breed information

The Mongolian cattle are small to medium sized animals. They are brindle or red brownish in coloration, but will also be yellow black or pied.

They are located in both the Halhïn Gol, two varieties and the the Ujumqin. They have thick skin and hair. Both bulls and cows have tail.

They have humps and dewlaps. They have robust and sturdy bone architecture. Their body is of stocky kind using narrow hindquarters along with the cows have udder conformation that is good.

The Mongolian cattle are smaller in size as compared to other cattle strains and they still stand around 100 cm tall.

The average body weight of the mature cows is between 280 and 400 kg. And typical bodyweight of the bulls changes from 550 to 600 kg.

Mongolian cattle benefits

The Mongolian cattle are largely a meat cows breed. They are noted for their quality meat production. The creatures are fairly great for using as a draught animal.

Mongolian cattle are extremely hardy and they’re able to withstand just about all climates and terrains.

They are often of docile behavior and relatively relaxing and friendly in temperament. They grow comparatively slower and it may take up to 7-8 years to get attaining their whole size.

However, quality food supplements can improve their development.

The cows are milk manufacturers that are typical. And their milk production is nutritional level and influenced by conditions.

On average the cows can create approximately 500-600 kg of milk per lactation. Their milk contains about 5 percent of fat.


The breed began to be enhanced with crossbreeding the cattle breeds, and the Shorthorn was the first to be crossed.

Asian crazy cattle have been the ancestors of this today’s modern Mongolian cattle. These creatures are found in two varieties, both the Halhïn Gol and the Ujumqin.

They’re one of the most popular among Chinese indigenous cattle breeds. The strain is largely available in Inner Mongolia, but also broadly distributed in the northeast, north, and north.

Nearly 40,000 animals were expired in 2008 conditions.

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