Murcia Granada goat breed facts

The Murcia Granada goat is a breed of goat originated from the semi-arid areas in southeastern Spain. It is a strain of Murcia, Alicante, Almeria, and Granada.

The breed is also referred to as Murciano Granadina. Murcia Granada goat is a dairy goat breed that is really great and kept for milk production.

The breed was introduced into Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil some years ago. And these goats have been exported to North Africa.

Today the Murcia Granada goat is largely retained because of the excellent milk manufacturing capability of it.

Murcia Granada goat have glossy and well-proportioned bodies. They are colored ivory or black colored.

The bucks have hair that is more and more powerful, but the does have hair that is thin and short. Bucks have generally pronounced beards and so are horned.

This Murcia Granada goat’s ears are of medium size and erect. Their tail is vertical and short, and they have feet. The does have well-shaped udders with teats that are well-placed.

There are two kinds of Murcia Granada goats found; Veguesi and Montana. Montana variety is from mountain areas, and the Veguesi variety is from irrigated and flat land locations.

The Veguesi goat is bigger and is a greater milk producer than Montana. The coloration of the two varieties is comparable. The Murcia Granada goat is a medium-sized animal.

The average bodyweight of the buck is about 50-60 kg, and the does weight about 30-50 kg.

Murcia Granada goat benefits

The Murcia Granada goat is largely increased for their milk production that was excellent. Nevertheless, it’s also known for meat production. The strain may also be kept as pets mainly because of their calm temperament.

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The Murcia Granada goat is a breed. They are well adapted to the arid and warm conditions of the arid regions of southeastern Spain.

The Murcia Granada goats will be the most productive domestic animal for keeping a milk production due to their ability chiefly because of climate.

They could graze feed and terrain by-products with a transformation indicator. The Murcia Granada does are excellent milk manufacturers with a lactation period of about 210 days.

Along with also the does on average produce up to 500 liters of milk per year. The milk of Murcia Granada goat is significantly better compared to most other dairy goat strains, containing 5.6 percent fat and 3.6 percent protein.

The Murcia Granada goats replicate quickly. And they don’t have time for breeding. The will come into heat at any time of the year. Along with the does typically give birth of the children become mature within their 7 to 8 weeks old and 2 children per kidding.

The Murcia Granada goat is docile and calm in nature which makes great as pets.

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  1. Hello Siddartha my great colleague,

    I am an animal scientist and professor in Iran. Thanks for your valuable information and experience. We have imported Murcia goats from Spain few years ago. Can I ask what is the normal body weight of does? Our milking does weight a bit low about 35 kg. Is that normal? What strategies would you recommend for achieving optimal body weight? At what BW should we breed young female goats? Could you please explain and describe more on this?

    I appreciate your time.

    • Hi Akbar,

      Does body weight ranges from 30 to 50 kg, which is quite normal. Cereals like Maize, puffed rice are the main ingredients for weight gainers. But use them with caution, you can’t overweigh them. The cereals bring up fat in goats or sheep, you need to keep them lean always. Make them fat only if you are selling them or culling.


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