Nankin chicken Characteristics

The Nankin chicken is a bantam chicken strain that is true. That means the strain is naturally small and it has no counterpart that is huge.

Nankin chicken is one of the bantam breed appearing somewhere in Southeast Asia. It’s been known in England since the 1500s.

Nankin chicken Characteristics

Nankin chicken is famous for its rich chestnut feathers.

The males tend to be darker in color with the tail that is black and black flight feathers.

And the cows really are with the conclusion of their tail feathers being black, a chestnut color.

There are two varieties of Nankin chicken which are distinguished by their comb kind.

These two types that are comb are rose only and comb.

The increased comb variety has a medium-sized one ending in a single spike. And the comb variety has a large comb with five factors.

The Nankin poultry variety is more prone to frostbite and not acceptable for the northern climates.

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Both color varieties come in one color, on the body with buff and black tails. The wattles, faces and have red earlobes.

The color is lustrous in roosters. And they have the sickle feathers shared in roosters. Their legs are of slate blue color.

They have light horn colored beaks.

On average Nankin bantam, males weigh about 0.68 kg and hens about 0.625 kg.

Nankin chicken Facts

Nankin chicken was more importantly known for a brooding chicken, Regardless of being a beautiful poultry strain.

Nankin hens are good mothers. They lay a good number of small white/tinted eggs.

Nankin bantam chicken is composed and friendly in nature and they are the best choice as barnyard pets.

They’re slow maturing birds rather than acceptable for beef production. But it’s quite easy to rear them.

They usually do not ramble when permitted to access range that is free and conveys confinement.

Nankin chicken has a very calm disposition and a likable personality. It’s a breed. When she calls out in distress, the roosters tend to be aggressive and will run into the shield of a hen.

Drinkers and the feeders of Nankin chicken ought to be separate. Since they can not compete with bigger sized chicken for food breeds dwelling in the exact same location. They love to stay in groups near one another.


The strain was named after the ancient inland seaport of Nanjing (previously called Nanking), which is located on the Yangtze River in east-central China.

Nankin chicken was a popular breed in England. And it began its decline in numbers. The strain was prevalent throughout Europe.

Nankin chicken and a significant role played and employed for developing numerous bantam breeds. It was used in the development of a Sebright breed.

In England, Nankin bantam hens were utilized to brood eggs that were quail, pheasant, and partridge. The breed is recognized by the American Bantam Association, and It’s Been accepted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 2012.

Now it is a very infrequent chicken breed. And the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy considers Critical the Nankin chicken’s status.

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