Nili Ravi Buffalo Characteristics

Nili Ravi buffalo is located in Punjab province between India and Pakistan. Majorly between rivers Sutlej and Ravi. Nili Ravi looks almost like Murrah buffalo but it has walled eyes and white markings on forehead, face, muzzle, legs, and tail. The most desired character of Nili Ravi is the possession of these white markings known as “Panch Kalyani“. Also, their milk yield is around 1800 liters, with a fat percentage of 6.8.

Nili and Ravi are different breeds. Nili means blue, it is originated near to the Sutlej river of India and Ravi is from the banks of river Ravi of Pakistan. Both of these breeds looked very similar. The cross-breeding between these two breeds is called as Nili-Ravi. It’s primarily a dairy buffalo breed and used principally for milk production. However, because of their well-recognized dairy qualities, these animals are now found all over the country.

Nili Ravi Buffalo Characteristics

  1. The forehead is heavy head convex at the center.
  2. Nili Ravi buffaloes have walled eyes and white markings on forehead, face, muzzle, legs, and tail.
  3. Small and curled horn.
  4. The frame is medium sized.
  5. The tail is a long and white switch.
  6. Nili Ravi buffalo male weighs around 560 kg and female weigh around 450 kg.
  7. Its milk production ranges from 1500 liters to 1900 liters per lactation and the milk contains 5% to 8% fat content.
  8. The lactation period is around 300 days.
  9. Males attain maturity at the age of 30 months, and females at 36 months.
  10. First calving is around 40 months to 53 months.
  11. Calving interval is between 10 months to 31 months with an average of 15 months.
  12. Grazing Fodder and Concentrate are the major feed.
  13. Nili Ravi buffalo male height around 140 cm and female height around 130 cm.
  14. Nili Ravi buffalo male body length around 160 cm and female weigh around 165 cm.
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Nili Ravi Buffalo details

Breed Name Nili Ravi Buffalo
Other NamePanch Kalyani
Country/Place of OriginPunjab, India
Breed Purposemilk(dairy)
Breed SizeLarge
560 kg
Female450 kg
Milk Yield6 liters to 10 liters 
Skin colorblack
Climate ToleranceAny climate

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