Organic farm after 3 months

Rajeshwari Organic farm is so close to heart. The farm is made in the memory of mom. You might have seen the previous post on the farm. There is a reason why we are doing organic farming on all our farms.

Going organic is pure bliss, below images do speak a lot. We are staying close to the forest, yes definitely we are attracting a lot of black bucks. I do not have any images to share, but someday I will get them.

Organic means no chemicals used in the process of growing produce. From microorganisms to different birds everything takes shelter here on our farm. We are all living in harmony here. Below are the few of the images of the farm after 3 months of planting banana plant, 2 months of sun hemp and 5 months of Sesbania crop.

Natural farming

We have recently brought a few sheep and a cow would be good if we produce our own feed. Sesbania is the best feed, which all livestock love. We have plenty of sesbania(Agase).Natural farming

Few more pics to conclude.

Natural farming Natural farming Natural farming


Long way to go.

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