Osmanabadi goat

The Osmanabadi goat is mostly raised as a meat goat breed. But they are also suitable for milk production. The breed is popular among the meat goat farmers.

The Osmanabadi goat is also an Indian goat breed That’s native to the Latur, Tuljapur and Udgir Taluks of Osmanabad district of Maharashtra.

The name of the breed derives from the location of origin Osmanabad of it. Osmanabadi goats are dispersed in Ahamednagar Parbhani Solanpur and many different districts of Maharashtra state.

Today they are also located in little quantity in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and a few states.


Osmanabadi goat is acceptable for both meat and milk production. But they’re raised for meat production, because of the high quality meat.

Among the goat breeds in India, the Osmanabadi goat has great demand in the marketplace for their meat. Besides great quality meat, this breed create quality skin which has demand on the marketplace.

Osmanabadi goat is called as farmers breed that was true. Because it creates more gains in less time and without expending a lot of for feeding and affectionate.

The strain is gaining popularity throughout the India by the meat goat producers.

Osmanabadi Goat Characteristics

Osmanabadi goats are moderate to large in proportion.

Their coat colour varies. But in most cases the coat color of Osmanabadi goat goat is black.

White or black spotted colors are found, although brown.

They’ve got long legs with exquisite appearance. They have medium built.

The majority of the bucks are horned (approximately 90% , and can be horned or polled.

The does have udder with little teats.

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Osmanabadi Goat Weight

On average, adult Osmanabadi Bucks weigh 36 kg and Does about 30 kg.

Osmanabadi Goat Benefits

Osmanabadi goat breed is noted for having elevated immune power against infections when vaccinated and also for their reproductive capability.

So it’s a breed for goat farming company by the physicians. The strain is easily adapted to the climatic conditions of any state in India.

They are well adapted to cold, extreme hot or humid. They have high kidding capacity.

Under good conditions, they strain twice a year and twinning is normal and triples are fairly infrequent.

Like other goat breeds, Osmanabadi goat contains a period of 5 months. The breed is also good for milk production with a mean daily milk yield of 0.5 to 1.5 kg for a lactation period of about 4 months.

Osmanabadi goat is also an economical breed and can be fed on any sort of farm fodder, grass, pulp of vegetables and pulses which are available.

They do not require any particular fodder and feeding price is low.

On average, each Osmanabadi goat consumes about 2 to 3 kg green feeds and approximately 0.5 kg dry fodder.

They need water as compared to other breeds. The breed is appropriate for stall-fed system.

Osmanabadi goats are sometimes a fantastic choice for you, particularly if you’re just beginning in raising goats.

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