Pajuna cattle breed

The Pajuna cattle are a hardy breed of cows which are now largely raised for meat manufacturing purposes.

Pajuna cattle breed information

The Pajuna cattle are medium-sized creatures. They’ve dropped their primitive traits since they’ve been constantly crossed with the breeds like the Retinta or the Murciana after 1950 (like the extended thighs, athletic body shape and also the wild form coloration).

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The cows are a milder reddish-brown in shade. Along with also the bulls are dark brown to black with an eel stripe. Both cows and bulls have horns.

And the horns at the bull’s face so are light in color with a dark tip and forwards.

The typical height of the bulls is about 165 cm at the shoulder and their average body weight is about 600 kg.

The cows are more compact than the bulls and hit about 160 cm. The average body weight of these cows is approximately 375 kg.


They originated from a rare breed today plus Andalusia, Spain. Although, it’s been suggested that these animals originated in southern Africa, and really some bulls have a saddle that appears very much like depictions of aurochs.

They resemble the aurochs in some specific features that are the wild ancestor of domestic cattle.

The Pajuna cattle breed is given special protection in the official Spanish cattle breeds catalogue. Because during 1990s and the 1980s complete amounts of this strain have diminished rapidly.

These cattle are utilized by the organization Stichting Taurus because of wild type color their hardiness and aurochs-like human plan, at the TaurOs Project. The breed is used to fill the ecological niche occupied by the aurochs.

The project intends to breed a sort of cattle that looks like the aurochs in phenotype, ecology and genotype as closely as you can (together with the cow’s breeds like Sayaguesa Cattle, Maremmana Primitivo, Tudanca Cattle or Limia Cattle).

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