Partridge silkie

Partridge Silkie is no different from a regular silkie. Partridge is another pattern of color, which has given the name. Silkie comes in many different colors like White, Black, Blue, Buff, Gray, Partridge and Splash. Partridge silkies are loved by many bird enthusiasts.

Partridge Silkie’s characteristics and behavior remain the same as any other silkie. To know more about silkie characteristics, brooding, feed management, taking care of silkie chicks, read more here.

The fluffy Partridge silkie is beautiful and at the same time, it’s rare. Not every silkie can produce a Partridge.

One of the commercial silkie farms has cracked the breeding method to produce the Partridge. A complete guide on how Partridgechicks look and which silkie parents produce Partridge chicks is explained here.

Partridge Silkie chicks

The silkie chicks that are striped like chipmunks, will eventually develop into Partridge Silkie. The stripes are either black or brown that appear on the back and face of the chick.

But do consider the stripes fade away, as the chick grows up. You know the adult Partridge silkie has no stripes.

Sometimes you get a Partridge from solid colored silkie parents too. But these chicks will not have stripes at all. Even quiet times, both the Partridge parents can have a solid black or buff-colored chicks.

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Partridge silkie adult coloring

Interestingly, both male and female have different colors in different places. Very unique characteristic in the Partridge silkies.

The adult Partridge male will be brighter colored, dark chest, and dark tail.

The adult Partridge female is dull-colored, dark undercoat with a light buff or rep on the top. It can be described as reddish bay color.

How to hatch Partridge silkie

To produce the correct color of Partridge silkie chicks need to have two different breeding pens.

  • Rooster which is darker are used to hatch for correct looking males.
  • The rooster that is redder or having less black are used to hatch for correct females.

The double mating system is used to produce correct looking Partridge silkie male and female separately.

This produces three different varieties of chicks: The dark Partridge, light Partridge and standard Partridge.

Dark Partridge – The Partridge chicks that are hatched out a solid black.

Light Partridge – The Partridge chicks that are hatched out a buff-colored.

Standard Partridge The Partridge chicks that are hatched out with stripes of a chipmunk.

Surprise Partridge silkie chick

Rarely other color silkies produce a striped chick. This can result in Partridge silkie. Let the silkie grow up, an experiment inbreeding. If they produce Partridge silkie keep them, else use them as regular silkie.

The Partridge chick which has a blue background instead of black in the stripes are called blue Partridges. Even the chest and tail will have blue or light blue colors. The blue Partridge is quite famous among silkie folks.

The standard for Partridge silkie show

Partridge Silkie has no set of standards for the breed. They are different for males and females. Correct coloring and shades of Partridge are difficult. Being colorful and beautiful, they always cheer up anyone.

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