Pembroke cattle breed

The Pembroke cows were a dual-purpose breed of national cows that were native to Wales.

The ancient breed was indigenous to the Welsh counties of South Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire.

Pembroke cattle breed information

And there were distinct strains in the Dewsland area of north Pembrokeshire and South Pembrokeshire’s region.

The Pembroke cows were described as being short-legged and coal-black creatures.

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Some critters may have white and faces.

Both cows and bulls have been horned, and their horns have been bend slightly upwards and inwards.

Their horns were brightly colored with black tips.

Pembroke cattle benefits

Pembroke cattle were a dual-purpose animal. They were used for both milk and meat production.

Pembroke cows were rather hardy and strong animals. They were reported to be milk producers.

They were outstanding grazers and approximately 25,000 animals were sold to England annually at the conclusion of the 19th century.


For attempting to enhance the strain, a society was formed in 1867, and in 1874 the register of cows that were Pembroke was printed.

The cows breed was registered in 1904 with black cattle from North Wales fro creating the Walesh Black breed.

The Pembroke cows were considered as more hardy to the land such as the Shorthorn cows than other Language dairy cattle breeds.

The two Pembroke and Shorthon type were merged in the Welsh Black strain where a herdbook was opened in 1874.

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