Piedmontese cattle breed

The Piedmontese cattle are a dual-purpose strain of domestic cattle from Italy which is raised mainly for milk and meat production.

It’s also called Italian: Piemontese or Razza Bovina Piemontese.

Piedmontese cattle breed information

Piedmontese cattle are moderate-sized creatures usually with black skin. Their coat color is white or black wheaten with shading.

The calves have been born fawn and turn grey-white since they grow.

Both bulls and cows normally have horns, and their horns are somewhat smaller in proportion.

The average height of the cows is about 131-132 cm at the withers and about 130-135 cm for the bulls.

The bulls on the average weight of about 700-850 kg. And the average body weight of these cows varies in 520 to 550 kg.

Piedmontese cows benefits

Previously, the Piedmontese cattle were used as draught animals and also for meat and milk production in Italy.

But currently they’re mainly used for milk and also for meat production.

Piedmontese cattle are comparatively calm and docile in character and noticed for their wellbeing.

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The cows are highly fertile and they exhibit exceptional mothering instincts. The breed is currently used for both beef and milk production.

Their beef is viewed as a premium product.

Piedmontese cattle problems

The usual problem associated with double-muscled breeds, the calving problem. The larger birth weight will cause a problem during birth. But the interesting part is Piedmontese cattle will not have this problem.

As Piedmontese cattle will develop double muscle only in between one to three months after birth.


The breed originated from the area of Piedmont.

There were many regional kinds of Piedmontese cattle until the late 19th century, such as the Canavese, the Della Langa, the Demonte, both the Ordinario di Pianura as well as the Scelta di Pianura.

They had been triple-purpose animals previously. And raised mainly for draught power, but also valued for meat and milk. There was A herdbook available for the strain in 1877, and breeding towards a form started.

Piedmontese cattle carry a special gene mutation identified as a inactive myostatin allele which leads to hypertrophic muscle development, or double muscling.

Purebred Piedmontese cattle are homozygous, meaning that they have two identical alleles gift for this gene.

There were about cattle in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently this cows breed is available in a number of other nations of the planet.

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