Pomeranian duck facts

The Pomeranian duck is a breed of domestic duck originating in Germany. As its name suggests, the breed was designed from Pomerania.

Like any other European duck strains, such as Swedish Blue and the Shetland duck, the Pomeranian duck also share the exact ancestors.

It is a landrace and discovered in the north-eastern part of Europe, on the border of Germany and Sweden.

Pomeranian duck is called a medium-sized bird. It’s a long body. However, their body conveys itself more horizontally to the floor and is deep and broad.

The strain is traditionally categorized as a duck breed that was frivolous and they come in two particular colors, for example, Black and Blue.

The Black variety looks with all the white bib and contains a shine over the black plumage of it. And the Blue number is a striking bird with the flat light color plumage and a color patch on the breast of it. They have beaks black.

Their toes are dark and the eyes are brown.

Like most other duck strains, the Pomeranian drakes are thicker than the ducks.

Normal bodyweight of the Pomeranian duck is about 2.5 kg and the drakes weigh about 3 kg.

What are Pomeranian ducks used for?

Pomeranian duck is a dual-purpose duck. They are raised for both eggs and meat production. For enhancing the beauty of your backyard sometimes they’re also raised.

The Pomeranian ducks are both fairy social and chatty. Some ducks are still passive and a few are very aggressive.

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Because they are apt to welcome visitors loudly pomeranian duck makes watch birds. They are excellent foragers.

The ducks aren’t among the egg-laying duck breeds.

They lay about 70-100 eggs per year. Along with the color of the eggs is greenish or white. The strain is rare now.


The Pomeranian duck is also known by some other titles like Pommern and Pommernente from German.

The Swedish Shetland Blue and also Pomeranian duck were originated shape the coastal areas of Germany Sweden and Holland.

This Pomeranian duck’s color is much of this attraction today. However, the strain wasn’t only developed as a dual purpose for their beauty but also for their applications.

They’re primarily kept as a utility bird and utilized for both eggs and meat production, today.

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