Ponwar cattle breed

The Ponwar cattle are a draught strain of cattle from North India. It is an indigenous cattle breed that is known to be originated in India at Puranpur Taluk at Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh state at Ponwar.

This breed is also known as Purnea or Kabri (mixture of colours) and is said to have evolved from a mix of hilly cattle (Morang – Nepalese hill cattle) and plain land cattle. 

The Ponwar cattle breed is named after the place of its origin. It’s not accessible through the adjoining areas of India. It’s limited to the small area adjoining Ponwar.

Ponwar cattle characteristics

They display double-colored complexion of intermixed white and black colors.

The coat color is black or brown with white spots in varying proportions, but without a specific pattern.

The color of the muzzle, eyelids, and hoofs is usually black. They have little to moderate-sized horns that curve inwards with pointed tips.

These creatures have little ears with pointed tips and large bright eyes. They have short, strong necks and reasonably long barrels.

The sheath is tight and short although the dewlap is thin and light. The tail is long and tapering with a white change in black creatures and black change in those using a larger percentage of white spots.

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They have a little hump in females and developed humps from the men. The cows have little udders and teats along with also the milk veins are modest.

The typical height of a man is 117 cms and of a female is 109 cms.

The typical weight of a man is 318 kgs.

The typical chest girth of a man is 150 cms and of a female is 142 cms.

The average milk production of the breed is all about 460 kgs each lactation.

The milk produced is abundant with roughly 4.3 percent fat content.

Age at first calving will be 40 to 60 weeks with an inter-calving span of 12 weeks.

Ponwar cattle benefits

The Ponwar cattle are extremely powerful and hardy creatures. It is a draught breed of cows and used for drawing carts in the native area of it.

Ponwar cattle are known to be very active and therefore are of fiery mood.

They’re excellent foragers and do under grazing conditions that are complimentary.

The bullocks are extremely great for draft purposes, although they tend to grow slowly.

The cows are not superior milk producers. They proceed in groups setting their heads in between each other which is a peculiar behavior that has emerged because of fear by predators.

The Ponwar cows produce average milk of 460 kg per lactation. On an average of 2.5 liters of milk per day.

Bulls of the Ponwar breed can transport 800 to 1000 kg load for upto 10 km.

Ponwar breed conservation

The breed requires attention, the numbers are low. The breed should be improved at priority, due to their lower numbers it needs to be conserved. Both improvement and conservation of the breed should be implemented by the stakeholders.

The total number of Ponwar cattle is around 10600. This breed requires a conservation plan to be implemented.

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