Rathi cattle breed facts

The Rathi cattle are an important breed of cattle native to India. It is a milk cows strain and used for milk production and for draft purposes.

Rathi cattle are a Bos indicus breed originated in northeast Rajasthan. It is a very important purpose breed of cows in India which is known for the milking and as a draught animal.

The breed is known to have two variations, which are Rathi and Rath. The

The Rathi cattle are medium sized creature which are usually brown in colour all over the body. Though they are also located in totally black or brown coat with white spots. Their body components are usually lighter in colour as compared to the rest of their body.

They’ve moderate-sized horns, and their horns are curving outward, upward, and inward. Their encounter is broad between eyes and somewhat dished. They have a tail, along with the dewlap is nice and loose.

Rathi Cattle Benefits

Rathi cows are double purpose animals. They are used for draft purposes and also for both milk production.

Rathi cattle are creatures that are extremely hardy. The ecosystem in it is a native tract is fragile and the lands are far fertile with low growth.

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summer and dry monsoon, dust storms are the characteristics of the region chilly winter.

However, the Rathi cows are well adapted to this area and may produce in this particular environment. The cows are good and efficient milk producers.

On average the cattle can produce approximately 1560 liters of milk per lactation. Although their milk production may vary from 1000 to 3000 liters.


Rathi cattle are a draft strain, and the Rath is really a pure milk version. The Rath cattle were domesticated by the Rath tribe along with the version.

White skin with black or grey spots are the primary characteristics of this Rath cattle. Even though the Rathi cattle are usually of brown color. Rath and Even the Rathi are distinct breeds.

The Rathi cattle originated from Tharparkar cattle breeds and the Sahiwal. The breed can be found throughout several other sections of India and Rajasthan.

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