Red kandhari cattle breed

The Red Kandhari cattle are locally known as Lal Kandhari due to the almost universal colored skin that is reddish of it. The strain is mostly located in Bidar (Karnataka), Latur, Parbhani, Nanded and Hingoli districts in Maharashtra.

The Red Kandhari cows are proven to have originated from Latur, Kandhar taluk at district, and also Nanded district at Marathawada region in Maharashtra.

It’s known to have got royal patronage from King Somadevaraya who dominated over Kandhar in 4 A.D.

Red Kandhari cows are moderate sized robust and animal . They’ve nearly red coat that is deep, but variants out of a dull red to almost brown can also be found. But bulls are a shade darker than the cows.

The Red Kandhari cattle have horns that are medium-sized and curved. They have a wide forehead and their ears are long.

Moderated and hump dewlap has been moderated by Even the bulls. They have shining eyes and there are black rings around their hoops.

The average elevation of the bulls is roughly 138 cm at wither, and around 128 cm for the cows.

Red Kandhari Cattle Benefits

The Red Kandhari cattle are widely used in India for draft purposes. They are employed for agricultural works such as carting and plowing and for transportation.

Red Kandhari cows are appropriate for practically any type of agricultural works and very hardy creatures.

Particularly, the bulls are primarily employed for these type of tasks. The animals are maintained under control system on grazing just in herds.

And most of the folks who raise them usually offer you milking cows, bullocks and male calves small amount of concentrate.

The cows are good for milk production with a mean of approximately 600 kg per lactation. And their milk comprises an average fat percentage of 4.57 percent.

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