Red Poll cattle breed

The Red Poll cattle are a dual-purpose breed which are acceptable for both milk and beef production. They created in the latter half of the 19th century in England.

The Red Poll cattle breed is the effect of a cross of Suffolk Dun dairy cows as well as the Norfolk Red beef cattle breeds.

The Red Poll cattle are moderate-sized animals with the reddish or rather deep red colored coat.

There are white color only on udder and the tail button. They have no horns and are naturally polled.

The bulls weigh about 800 kg. And bodyweight of these cows is around 550 kg

Red Poll Cattle Benefits

Red Poll cows are dual-purpose animals. They are used for both meat and milk production.

The Red Poll cattle long lived creatures and are powerful.

They have dispositions that are quiet and are quite adaptable. The strain is a great selection for grazing and other methods where ease of handling is necessary.

The breed is suitable for meat and meat production.

The cows produce excellent quality milk which is high in butterfat and protein, and they are suitable for home or small dairy product production.

Origin and History

The parent Suffolk breed, that was used for growing this strain was polled, but the Norfolk cows breed had horns. And also the gene for horns at the Norfolk cattle was bred out from the Red Poll cows.

Name of the breed has been ‘Norfolk and Suffolk Red Polled’ cattle, and the first herd publication surfaced in the year of 1874.

The breed was called ‘Red Polled’ then eventually’Red Poll’ in 1888. And the Red Poll Cattle Society has been formed in 1888.

The strain has been imported into Australia from the 19th century. And they are used mainly for meat production in Australia.

The Red Poll cows were introduced into the USA in 1873 from G. P. Taber of New York State. And the strain was brought to New Zealand from the year 1898. But in New Zealand, a herd was not established until 1917.

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