Romagnola Cattle

The Romagnola cows are a dual-purpose breed of cows taken for meat production and as draught animals.

The strain belongs to the Podolic set of cows that are grey and is from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

It was bred for this purpose and was chiefly used as a draught strain in the past. But because of the mechanization of agriculture in the center of the twentieth century, they have been bred for beef production.

The Romagnola cattle can be found in a number of nations outside the native location of it.

Since the Second World War, the amounts of those animals have dropped sharply in Italy. 13,054 was recorded by their overall number at the close of the year of 2013.

Romagnola cattle characteristics

Romagnola cows are big animals, usually with ivory-white color with tending to grey about the foreparts. Some animals are also grey or black switch.

Generally darker in winter although their coat color varies with the summer. Openings and their skin are all blacks.

Both bulls and cows have horns. The bulls have half-moon-shaped horns, and the cows’ horns are both mild and lyre-shaped.

The horns are slate-grey in young animals, getting pale at the bottom and dark at the tip with adulthood.

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The Romagnola cows have enormous and strong foreparts and short but strong legs.

The elevation of this Romagnola bulls is between 155 and 158 cm, and 139 to 144 cm for those cows.

The bulls on typical weight about 1200 to 1300 kg. And bodyweight of the cows is approximately 650 to 700 kg.

Romagnola cattle benefits and temperament

The Romagnola cattle were raised largely a draught breed at the past but now used as a meat cows breed.

Romagnola cows are very hardy and active creatures.

They have strong legs and massive and powerful foreparts, and they were used for work before.

The strain is suitable for meat production. And their meat is regarded to be of premium quality and includes a mark of grade.

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