Romeldale California mutant sheep

Romeldale sheep raised primarily for meat. The breed is created in the United States. The purpose of the breed is to produce good-sized lambs for meat and soft and good fleece weight wool. The cross of Romney rams and Rambouillet ewes resulted in Romeldale. A derivative of Romeldale which has unusual color is called a California Variegated Mutant or CVM. 

Romeldale sheep breed information

The Romeldale sheep are medium to large-sized breed with two types of the same breed. Other than color they share the same traits.

The adult Romeldale ram weighs 110 kg (240 lb) and ewe weighs 85 kg (190 lb).

Both the California Variegated Mutant and Romeldale sheep are polled.

The CVM is the natural color which tends to get darker with age.

CVMs are all natural-colored sheep with a badger face pattern.

Romeldales are white in color mostly.

The fleece is bright, uniform and dense with a staple length of 4 to 6 inches and spinning counts from 60’s to 62’s quality.

The Romeldale can live long and productive lives.

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Things to know

A.t.Spencer in the 1900s crossed Romney rams with Rambouillet ewes to develop the Romeldale.

A.t.Spencer purchased several New Zealand Romney  Rams in 1915 that were brought to the Pan-American exposition in San Francisco and used his own Rambouillet ewes.

The focus of breeding Romeldale  is to produce soft wool with good fleece weight and marketable

Both Romeldale and CVM are listed as ‘critical‘ by The Livestock Conservancy.

Characteristics of Romeldale sheep

Breed NameRomeldale sheep
Other NameCalifornia Variegated Mutant or CVM
Country/Place of Originthe United States
Breed Purposeamericameat and wool
Breed Sizemedium to large
110 kg (240 lb)
Ewe(Female)85 kg (190 lb)
Kiddingsingle or twins
Good for Stall Fedopen grazing 
Climate Tolerancelocal conditions

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