Rosecomb chicken Characteristics and Facts

Rosecomb chicken is among the bantam strain and named for the distinctive comb of it.

It is among the authentic bantam chicken breeds rather than a miniaturized version of big birds.

Rosecomb Chicken Characteristics

Rosecomb Chicken has a powerful build body.

And its large tail is held at an upright angle in the back, which creates a handsome look.

Rosecombs possess a large with stunning white earlobes and wattles, rose comb for which they’re named for. The comb is big in comparison with its general body size. Combs and wattles are of vivid color that is red.

The Rosecomb roosters have tail feathers that are sickle that are long and the thighs are suppressed long blue and graceful.

So that the tips almost reach the floor and the back is one long curve from neck to tail, the wings are pointed downwards.

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There are many color varieties of Rosecomb chicken, approximately 25 varieties.Although the American Poultry Association recognizes only three; Black Blue and White.

But more varieties are acknowledged by the American Bantam Association.

Each of Rosecomb chicken’s color forms have standard plumage with face red cubes, white earlobes and wattles.

Their legs are white tinged with pink over the White variety, black on the variety and bluish-slate on the Blue variety. The eyes are hazel in birds and red in white-feathered varieties.

Some Frequent color forms of Rosecomb chicken breed are Blue, White, Black, Splash, Black Breasted Red, Blue Red, Brassy Back, Brown Red, Lemon Blue, Mottled, Red Pyle, Wheaten etc.

Rosecomb roosters weigh about 0.55-0.65 kg and hens about 0.45-0.5 kg.

Rosecomb Chicken Facts

Rosecomb cows are active and hardy birds.

They are typically friendly and easily managed, but roosters might be competitive.

Unlike most of the chickens, Rosecombs are good fliers. Hens aren’t fantastic layers, and lay a few number of little eggs that are white.

And they usually do not be broody. Chicks are slow to mature and need care that is spacial.

Rosecomb chicken is suitable for all climates and they do well in confinement. They are excellent flyers.

As their comb is prone to frostbite, care has to be taken in chilly weather.

So they’re also good as pets Since they are friendly in character.


History is known about the strain, although it arose in Great Britain.Chicken breed has been known since at least the 1400s, also is created from the breeders.

After being retained by King Richard III during his reign in the 15th century the breed first saw fame.

Exactly when the breed arrived in America, and it’s not known.Now Rosecomb chicken is increased as an ornamental breed. And it is popular with all the fanciers today.

Rosecomb chicken was admitted into the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association in 1874.

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