Royal White sheep breed

Royal white sheep are raised primarily to produce lean tender meat. The breed is developed at Dorpcroix sheep Farm by William Hoag in Hermleigh, Texas, the United States. The breed is disease resistant and natural shedder makes the farmers cut down on medical costs and time.

Royal White sheep breed information

The Royal White sheep are medium to large-sized breed, which has more meat, less fat and less wool.

The Royal white is pure white in color which is polled in both sexes and the ears are held horizontally.

The adult Royal white ram weighs 100 kg (220 lbs) and ewe weighs 85 kg (190 lbs).

The purpose of the breed is to produce lean meat and have good proportions of muscle.

The lambs are fast-growing, lean and put on a lot of carcasses. The percentage of carcass yield is high where 54 percent of meat at a weight of 50 kg(110 lb).

The meat of Royal white sheep is tender with a mild sweet flavor.

The Royal white sheep have less wool, and hair with a down undercoat but sheds naturally during spring.

The breed is hardy and disease-resistant.

The Royal White sheep can breed year-round and produce multiple lambs.

The leather(pelts) are splittable and grade as garment quality.

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Things to know

The Royal White sheep was created by William Hoag in Texas, using the traits of St.Croix and Dorper.

The negative traits are removed by selective breeding for over 50 years. The selected offspring from these crosses were then called Dorpcroix sheep and sold to the public for breeding enabling many traditional wool producers to retain wool ewes and utilize the Dorpcroix rams to achieve the lower maintenance and labor benefit and in many cases more lambs with better survivability.

The breed is famous in the United States for its high performance and low maintenance.

The Royal White sheep shed their wool naturally, it saves the cost of shearing.

The Royal White produces more meat than Katahdin sheep and Dorper sheep.

The Royal White breed is selected for their easy-care, low stress, parasite resistance, flock ability, high performance and height to weight proportional for better meat distribution.

The Association of Royal White sheep continuously improving the breed traits as even more parasite resistance.

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Characteristics of Royal White sheep

Breed Name Royal White sheep
Other Name
Country/Place of Origin the United States
Breed Purpose Meat
Breed Size Medium to large
Weight Ram(Male) 100 kg (220 lbs)
Weight Ewe(Female) 85 kg (190 lbs)
Lambing single or twins or triplets
Good for Stall Fed open grazing 
Climate Tolerance local conditions
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