Russian White goat facts

The Russian White goat is a dairy goat breed kind Russia. It’s also recognized by various other names such as Russian Dairy, Russian White Dairy, Improved Northern Russian and Russkaya Belaya (Russian).

Russian White goat is a medium-sized goat with light and narrow head. They have similarities using a Saanen goat in look.

They the sacrum broad and have a straight and long neck. The udders of the Russian White does is big and smooth, quarters are developed and their teats are wide-set.

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The Russian White goat’s skeleton and legs are all-powerful. The front and hind limbs’ places are very regular.


Their coat is generally white in color and is made up of coarse hair that is short, or long. Both bucks and does can be horned or hornless.

The Russian White bucks weight about 60-75 kg and the does on weight roughly 50-60 kg. University).

The Russian White goat is derived from the selective breeding of Toggenburg goats and Saanen goat imported from Switzerland, crossed with many different indigenous goat strains of the USSR.

Toggenburg and Saanen goats definitely contributed much to the creation. And the Russian White goat is among these dairy goat breeds.

Folks have been raising dairy goats for centuries in both Asian and European parts of the USSR. And kinds of goats have shaped under the effect of different management and feeding procedures and on the basis of roots.


But the dairy goats in coastal and central Russia have a powerful constitution and compatible conformation characteristics of the milk kind.

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Presently the Russian White goat is generally found in Gorki, Leningrad, Moscow, and Yaroslavl regions in Russia. And the breed is mainly retained for milk production.

Russian White goat benefits

The White goat is a goat goat breed. And they are mainly utilized for milk production.

Russian White goats are powerful and incredibly sturdy.

They have a powerful and dry constitution that let them adapt to climates.

They’re highly prolific and a few does give birth of children twice a year (cases have been recorded of around six normal kids at one kidding).

The does are good milk producers. Typically, a doe could produce approximately 550 liters of milk per lactation.

Milk of Russian White goat contains 4.2 to 5.3 percentage of fat content.


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