Save the Native Bull

So many Native cattle are slaughtered every day. If ever I donate,  How many can I help? What difference does it make?

Yes true, it doesn’t make much difference.

But it makes a difference to this one.

What difference are we making? Big or small, it does not matter. If everyone made a small difference, we’d end up with a big difference, wouldn’t we?

Saving Native cows is our high priority. If we lose our nativeness, we slowly lose our culture too.

Now is the chance to save them.

Indigenous cattle breeds are no more a necessity for the present farmers. If its cow, their milk yield is less and if its a bull we don’t use for plowing.  Instead of keeping them as a commodity, they will sell them.

But for a farmer who is practicing Natural farming, will always know the value of the native cows.

A2 milk, cow dung which improves the soil quality, Urine which has multiple medicinal values – much more to mention. It is even proved, sleeping near to native cows will cure much of your diseases.

Let’s bring back this bull from the butcher.

We need to take action now, time is limited. (Aug 8th) He can sell us, else it’s gone forever.

What next after purchasing the bull? He will be on our farm with other rescued animals, which has enough space and fodder so that he won’t be disturbed. I will make sure to share all the updates on the blog, keep all donors updated.

Yes, I can’t save all, but at least we can save him now. It makes a huge difference for him, we are given his life back.

What do I get?

Donors who donate $100 and more,  can have a free stay at our farmhouse for the weekend.

For the rest of Donors, you can drop by anytime to our farm, spend time with the rescued animals.

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