Senepol cattle breed

The Senepol cattle are a gorgeous breed of cows that are great for both meat and milk production. But they are being kept chiefly as beef cattle.

The strain was developed on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix.

senepol cattle breed information

Senepol cows are moderate to large sized creatures with short hair and red, brown or black colored jacket.

They are naturally polled and have skin pigmentation and good eye. The cows have been good mothers and good milk manufacturers, and udder quality has been enhanced by them.

Like most other cattle breeds, the Senepol cows are fairly more compact than the bulls. The adult bulls on average weight about 930 kg.

And the typical bodyweight of these cows varies from 550 to 650 kg. And birthweight of the calves is 34 kg.

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senepol cattle breed benefits

Currently, the Senepol cows are primarily used for beef production. They are well known for producing meat. But the breed is also fairly great for milk production.

The Senepol cows are extremely tender and docile in nature which makes them very easy to manage. They may graze in the heat of the day and are extremely heat tolerant.

They are also insect and disease resistance as compared to several other beef cattle breeds.

The cows will also be great for milk production and have good mothering skills.


The exact origins of this breed are unknown. However, it has long been believed that the Senepol cows originated from crosses between N’Dama cows and Red Poll cows. The N’Dama cattle were erased from the late 19th century.

The Senepol cows are in reality an admixed breed between a Western taurina (Crimson Poll) and zebu.

Genetic characterization utilizing high throughput SNP genotyping lately revealed that the Senepol genome contains crosses between European taurine with some Zebu influence.

According to the analysis, genetic samples of the Senepol DNA comprised a mean of 10.4 percent Zebu ancestry, 89 percentage European taurine ancestry, and 0.6 percent African taurine ancestry.

Senepol cattle’s genetic trials were collected from four distinct areas of Venezuela. The breed is available in a number of countries around the world.

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