Simple Goat Shed

Simple Goat Shed is for the first time Goat Farmers. An entrepreneur or a farmer who wants to start a goat farming business can check this Goat shed design.

Based on the number of Goats and the investment, the Goat shed should be designed. With a minimal investment, how can a goat farmer start a profitable Goat Farming Business that can be shown here.

A good Goat shed should protect Goats from harsh weather conditions, thefts and even from predators. Give enough space for the Goats to stay healthy.

Availability of freshwater all the time and feed at the right times ( do not overfeed your Goats). Also, a small enclosure outside the shed for grazing called loafing shed. For relaxing and loafing, to get some sunshine.

Goat Shed Plan

A Goat Shed should be easy to maintain and can withstand for at least 10 years. A present Goat shed plan is for 5 Does,1 Buck, and few kids. A simple Goat shed for beginners. Building a huge Goat shed for small farmers is pretty expensive and challenging. So, keeping the cost at a minimum, the Goat shed is designed.

Usually, farmers keep their Goats in the open shed made from locally available materials. This serves the purpose, but there are not protected from heavy rains and even from predators. Also if the Goats kept on the ground for long hours, a lot of cleaning has to be done else it can easily get affected by diseases. Keeping all these factors, a simple Goat shed is designed.

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Elevated_floor_goat_housing – Learn Natural Farming

Roofing: Galvanized Corrugated Roofing sheets, over MS Truss structure

Flooring: Slatted Plastic Flooring Installed over FRP support Structures(Non-corrosive) / MS support structures

Feed trays: Custom Made Plastic Feed trays with polypropylene sheets

Partitions: Using Ms iron Rods  (Bucks, Does and Kids)

Under Flooring: Any tin sheets can be used.

Height inside: 6 feet high on sides and 9 feet high in the middle across the length for better Ventilation. Bad ventilation is a serious threat to the animals especially when they are in groups. It will reflect on respiratory diseases like pneumonia.

Height from Ground: Around 6 feet from the Ground level to the flooring. Cleaning is easy and can expect almost no diseases.

Outside Fenced Area: For every 1 square foot covered area, 2 square feet open space should be provided.

Estimated Cost per sqft: Rs450 to Rs500

The shed, with an area of 100 sq ft, can accommodate  5 Does, 1 Buck, and 6 kids. A fiber-reinforced plastic floor ensures that the goats inside do not get wet or dirty.

As a result, the animals are devoid of bad body smell caused by wetting and dampening by urine common in conventional sheds. The animals are at ease during extreme summer or during winter since the plastic floor is resistant to heating and cooling.

Recommended floor space requirements for Indian conditions

Age groupsCovered space(sq.ft)Open space (sq.ft)
Up to 3 months2-2.54-4.5
3 months to 6 months5.5-8.010-15
6 months to 12 months8-1015-20
Adult animal1530
Male, Pregnant or lactating ewe/ doe15-2030- 40

Durable materials

  • Long life, up to or more than 10 to 15 years.
  • Low maintenance, easily washable.
  • Heat resistant and waterproof plastic material prevent damage from Sunlight exposure and Wetness.
  • Galvanized Iron and fiber-reinforced plastic, the structure can withstand adverse climatic conditions and does not require heavy maintenance.
  • Extends  4 to 5 times longer life compared with wood without repair work with recycling option even after 15 years usage.

Cleaning is easy

  • Better hygiene avoids fungal skin problems in Goats in Rainy season, unlike wooden floors.
  • It provides even spacing slats to felicitate easy droppings of dung.
  • The legs, especially of kids, will not get caught in the gaps as seen in structures as there are no uneven gaps in the floor.
  • Floors and Partitions can be installed easily by the inter-locking method, which can be easily removed and cleaned.
More Advantages of Simple Goat Shed
  • As this structure is a combination of different pieces, it is easy to shift from one place to another; hence farmer can pursue farming even if he is relocated due to various reasons.
  • MS Iron Partitions prevent Neck struck problems and Breaking of fencing within the Housing Partitions.
  • Cleaning the Dung and waste can be done once in a month and does not need Daily cleaning.
  • A similar structure made using local materials can cost nearly 60 percent less but lasts only for 2-3 years. The low-cost infrastructure lacks durability and the cost involved becomes a dead and unrecoverable expenditure.
  • In wooden floors after a few months, the reapers will shrink and bend which allows the “leg stuck” problems in goats and particularly in kids causing fracture of legs
  • Anti-skid surface(flooring) prevents from skidding of goats even on a wet surface.
  • Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Sheets Reduces Heat inside the Housing up to 60% over the Asbestos sheet
  • In the event of quitting enterprise farming by a farmer, as this is saleable, there will be another person to purchase it and pursue farming so that in the long term farming is sustainable and transferable.

Simple Goat Shed

The primary focus is for small farmers, entrepreneurs, and first-time Goat farmers. The Goat shed is 100sq ft, which is a start for the small Goat farm. Once you get experience, always you can extend the same shed. Keeping most of the parts minimal and durable, the design is highly efficient.

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