Siri cattle breed

The Siri cattle are a beautiful breed of this Zebu household of cows, originating from Bhutan. They are presently located in the mountain tracts around Darjeeling and Sikkim of both India and Bhutan, but Bhutan has been said to be the actual home of this breed.

Currently, the Siri cattle are dispersed to the Sections of Darjeeling and Sikkim from Bhutan. And they may have some blood in the Tibetan cattle.

In Sikong province of China sized cattle like the Siri with white markings and similar black have been found.

And these cattle occupy some of the Tibetan highlands northeast of Bhutan.

With Nepali cattle look almost like the Siri, the Siri cattle crossed. But they are easily distinguishable by their pattern and position of horns and hump.

These creatures are referred to as Kachcha Siri or imitation Siri. Presently the total population of this cattle breed is decreasing.

Siri Cattle Characteristics

The Siri cattle are small to medium-sized creatures but are generally large in contrast to other sorts of Zebu cattle breeds.

They are usually black and white or all black in color. The white and black color pattern is rather similar to that of Holstein Friesian cows.

They normally have a thick coat of hair throughout the year. Both cows and bulls normally have horns.

Along with their horns are covered with a tuft of long hair and sharp and long. In comparison to other Zebu strains, the job of this hump of Siri cattle is forward. They have strong feet and legs.

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Their dewlap is moderately developed and udders of the cows are well developed.

The Siri bulls on a typical burden between 550 and 360 kg. And the typical bodyweight of the cows differs from 320 to 410 kg.

Siri Cattle Uses

Siri cattle are double purpose animals. They’re used to operate and both milk production. They have really strong feet and legs and are useful for plowing fields and other agricultural activities.

The Siri cattle are extremely robust and hardy creatures. The rocky conditions of the mountains can stand well.

But the breed doesn’t appear to do. Because they are among the strongest native breeds the Siri bulls can be quite valuable.

They’re excellent and used for agricultural work like plowing, cultivating, threshing, transporting, etc..

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