Somali goat breed

The Somali goat is a breed of domestic goat, raised mainly for beef production.

The strain is from Djibouti Somalia and northeast Kenya.

It’s also recognized by some other names like Abgal, Boran, Borana, Deghier, Deg yer, Galla, Dighi yer, Modugh, and Ogaden.

The Somali goats are moderate-sized animals. They have ears and hair that is short.

Their coat color is usually white, but sometimes with stains or spots. They have black skin around the nose (muzzle), feet, and underneath the tail.

Both bucks and will have horns, but the does are horned or polled.

The bucks usually weight up to 70 kg, along with the does on typical weight approximately 45-55 kg.

Somali goats benefits

The Somali goat is a meat goat breed and chiefly used for meat production. But they are good for milk production.

The goat is a really powerful and drought-tolerant goat strain.

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It’s an excellent strain for beef production. But the does are also pretty good for milk production.

The does can create 1-3 kg of milk daily if milked, even when access to water is restricted. The goat that was is regarded as the berry queen of this Kenyan arid and semi-arid locations.

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