Square Meaters

The Square Meaters is a comparatively new breed of cows from Australia. Rick Pisaturo of all Mandalong Park near Sydney, New South Wales developed from chosen grey cattle breed in the 1990s.

Rick Pisaturo was an experienced cattleman who developed and investigated such a cows breed that satisfied the national export commerce in Australia.

The Square Meater cows were really developed to satisfy the domestic consumer need for top quality or superior beef.

The strain has outstanding muscling and performs nicely in direct and carcass competitions.

Square Meater Cattle Characteristics

The Square Meater cattle are a moderate sized animal with small frames, short legs and they are naturally polled.

They are usually silver or gery in colour with dark hooves and a skin that is dark. Their dark skin reduces the odds of eye cancer and also sunburned udders.

Mature Square Meater cows have many similarities and resemble that of the Murray Grey cattle.

Murray Grey cattle are the breed from which the Square Meaters were initially derived.

When born, the calves are just 25 to 30 kg and already possess well-muscled rumps.

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The Square Meater bulls weight between 700 and 800 kg. Along with the cows’ weight vary from 400 to 500 kg.

What are Square Meater cows used for?

Square Meater cows are really designed for beef production. They are excellent pick for producing smaller cuts of beef.

There are lots of reasons behind the large prevalence of Square Meater cows strain.

Fast growth rate or early adulthood, easy to care attributes etc. are a few notable characteristics of this breed.

They are also noted for their temperament. They are breed for smaller farms.

They are silent compared to other cattle breeds in character, and easy to take care of. They are hardy and also have long lifespans.


It had been recognized as a purebred in 1996, along with the Square Meater Cattle Association was made at the identical year.

The purebred Square Meater bulls must not be more than 113 cm and less than 103 cm at the shoulder at 12 weeks old to be enrolled class”A”.

Along with the females in their 12 weeks of age should be less at the shoulder or 107 cm.

The breed is currently gaining popularity rapidly for their early adulthood, and for meat production and attributes that are easy-care.

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