Stiefelgeiss goat facts

The Stiefelgeiss goat is a gorgeous breed of goat, which is also called the Booted goat.

It’s a mountain goat arising from the highlands of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Stiefelgeiss goat is a really lovely breed. Both bucks and does are horned.

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Coat color is usually of glowing gray-brown to dark red-brown with black or brownish markings (brown or black boots).

The average is the very long beard hairs across the trunk (called Mänteli, meaning”little covering) and also on the back quarter, which can be darker or lighter than the rest of the coat of hair follicles.

The Stiefelgeiss goats aren’t excessively shaggy, however also on the animals’ hind conclusion, long beard hairs, known as”Mänteli,” grow considerably more and are of a different color in the rest of the jacket.

Stiefelgeiss goat uses

Stiefelgeiss is a meat goat breed, and it was mainly used for meat production. But the breed is great for fiber production.

The Stiefelgeiss goat is a strong, lively, and readily satisfied goat strain.

It is not true for milk production, however great for meat production.

Stiefelgeiss goats are ideal for extensive keeping the majority importantly in the mountainous areas, under extreme topographical and climatic conditions.

Origin and History

Along with the strain was dispersed throughout the uplands of St. Gallen (Walensee, Flums, Weisstannental, and Taminatal) earlier, in the canton Glarus and in the bordering areas.

It the 1980s the strain became almost extinct, although the Stiefelgeiss goat had been bred until the 1920s.

The Swiss preservation foundation Pro Specie Rara spared the breed.

The current breeding region has its own concentration in eastern Switzerland, together with individual breeding groups at the western and central parts of the country.

Now the continuing conservation efforts encourage farmers to maintain the goats because of their agricultural usefulness, for service as mom nannies, and for meat (mostly managed by the Booted Goat Breeders Club of Switzerland).

Stiefelgeiss goat’s population is growing gradually, and currently, the populace is greater than one million.

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