Surti Buffalo Characteristics

Surti is named after the city of Surat. Famous for its milk yield of 900 liters to 1300 liters per lactation with 7% fat content. It is chiefly found in Baroda and Kaira district of Gujarat.

Surti is additionally called Charotari, Deccani, Gujarati, Nadiadi, and Talabda. Breeding Tract is in and around Kheda, Vadodara, Anand & Bharuch districts of the center and southern a part of Gujarat.

Surti Buffalo Characteristics

  1. Surti has rusty brown to silver-grey coat color, black or brown color skin.
  2. The peculiarity of the breed is two white collars, one round the jaw and the other at the brisket.
  3. A medium sized body that is well-formed.
  4. Comparatively, Surti consumes less feed.
  5. Wedge formed barrel, long head with outstanding eyes, and sickle-shaped horns.
  6. Surti male weighs around 430 kg to 440 kg and female weigh around 400 kg to 410 kg.
  7. It offers to mean milk of 900 liters to 1300 liters per lactation and the milk contains 6% to 8% fat content.
  8. The lactation period is around 290 days.
  9. First calving is around 40 months to 55 months.
  10. Calving interval is between 14 months to 19 months with an average of 15 months.
  11. Regular estrous cycle and easy conception is its specialty.

Management of Surti Buffalo

1. Shelter

For higher performance, animals need favorable environmental conditions. The shelter is critical for animals to safeguard them from significant precipitationrobust daylight, snowfall, frost, and parasites.

Make sure that clean air and water facility ought to be there in the hand-picked shelter.

In line with the number of animals, the house for food should be huge and open in order that they’ll eat feed easily. The drain pipe of animals waste should be 30cm-40cm wide and 5cm-7cm deep.

2. Fodder

Surti Buffalo breed eats a lot of straw and grains. You can add leguminous fodder to compensate for nutrients.

 Grain: Maize /Wheat, Barley/ Oats/ Millet
Cake oilseeds: Peanuts, Sesame, Soybean, Flax/ cotton seeds/ Mustard, Sunflower
By-products like wheat bran/ polished rice/ polished rice without oil

3. Care of pregnant animals and calves

The smart management practices can end in the good calf and conjointly provides high milk yield.

provide pregnant buffalo 1kg a lot of feed as a result of they’re conjointly growing physically.

Immediately take away the phlegm or secretion from nose or mouth once the birth.

If the calf isn’t taking a breath, then give them external respiration by compression and quiet their chest with the hands.

Cut the umbilical cord by tying the naval 2-5 cm away from the body. Clean the umbilical stump with the help of 1-2% iodine.

4. Vaccination

Deworming ought to be done at a regular interval of thirty days. infective agent metabolic process immunogen is given to 2-3 weeks old calves. Clostridial vaccination is given to 1-3 months oldcalves.

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Information of Surti cow

Breed Name Surti
Other NameCharotari, Deccani, Gujarati, Nadiadi, and Talabda.
Country/Place of OriginGujarat, India
Breed Purposemilk(dairy)
Breed SizeMedium
430 kg
Female400 kg
Milk Yield (per day)5 liters
Skin colorblack or brown
Climate ToleranceAny climate

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