Sussex cattle

The Sussex cattle are a beef cows breed from England that’s principally raised for beef production.

The strain is from the Weald of Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. It is a popular cattle breed throughout the planet in the English speaking countries, today.

Sussex cattle characteristics

The Sussex cows are medium sized animal with dark red-brown ribbons and creamy white tail buttons.

They have relatively long body. Animals that are polled also bred, although the strain is horned.

They’re suited to both cold winters and warm summers. Because they have a thin summer coat and lots of sweat glands, however, develop a thick coat in the winter season.

The average elevation of the bulls at the withers is approximately 145 cm, along with about 135 cm for the cows.

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The bulls weigh 950 kg whereas the cows are approximately 590 kg.

Sussex cattle benefits

Sussex cows were a multipurpose breed of cows. Previously they were used as draught animals.

But they are used as a meat cattle breed and used for beef production.

The Sussex cattle are thick boned, big shouldered animals that are extremely hardy.

They are well suited to both warm and cold climates. They can perform good around the whole world. I

t is a favorite breed and highly appreciated for meat production in the English speaking nations.

They have character, but could be very stubborn.


The Sussex cows are an ancient breed of cows. They descended. However, the strain was not developed until the 1800s.

They were selectively bred from this opportunity to create a modern meat manufacturing strain, which is now used for meat production from many countries throughout the world.

They have similarities which have many local cattle breeds of England. The Sussex cows breed initially derives from the standard red landrace cattle of this area.

The herdbook was created in 1874, and also there was a polled section inserted in 1979.

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