Swedish Mountain Cattle – Fjällko

The Fjall cows are a breed that is increased for milk and beef production. It’s also known by some other names such as Swedish Mountain, Fjällras, Swedish Highland along with the breed is native to Sweden.

The breed has turned back to at least the Viking age and it was first known in the late 19th century.

Fjäll cattle breed information

Fjall cattle are sized cows with color that is white to black or red coat. They don’t have any horns and therefore are naturally polled.

Body elevation of the mature cows is about 125 cm at the withers and around 135 cm for the bulls.

The older bulls about 350 kg on weight. And dwell bodyweight of the cows is around 300 kg.

Fjäll cattle benefits

The Fjall cattle are dual-purpose creatures. They are great for both meat and milk production. But now they are raised mainly as a dairy cattle breed for milk production.

The Fjall cows are animals and they are usually raised in regions in Sweden. However, currently, they are raised for milk production, although they’re a breed.

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They have among the greatest grass to milk production ratios. They are able to live on infertile soil and can survive. On average they could produce about 5,500 kg of milk per year.

Their milk is made of very good quality containing about 4.5 percent butterfat content and approximately 3.6 percentage protein.

The breed is also pretty good for meat production.

They are docile and are of really great character.


The Fjall cattle were introduced to Britain if the Vikings descended and came to the British White breed, which now populates areas of Viking inhabitation, for example, East Anglia.

They were mentioned in 1296 AD. They were almost driven to extinction chiefly due to extensive crossbreeding mostly in 1970-1980.

And also the Swedish Mountain Breed Association was formed in 1995 and since a number of those cows have been growing. There were estimated to be 1000 cows in Sweden in 1998.

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