Swedish Red cattle breed

The Swedish Red cattle are a dairy cows strain which is raised primarily for milk production.

As the name suggests, this breed is derived from Sweden and originated from English Milking Shorthorn dairy cattle and Scottish Ayrshire cattle.

The breed can be known by several other names such as Swedish Red-and-White Cattle SRB, along with Svensk rödbrokig boskap or Svensk röd och vit boskap in Swedish.

Swedish Red cattle characteristics

Swedish Red cattle are medium-sized animals with mainly red body color with black spotting. They are typically polled and don’t have horns.

The breed has similarities with the West Finnish cattle. The elevation of the Red cattle is roughly 140 cm.

As well as their body fat is between 500 and 600 kg.

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What are Swedish Red cattle used for?

The Swedish Red cattle are multipurpose cows breed. However, they are primarily raised as a milk product for milk production.

The Swedish Red cows are a strong and resilient breed of cows. And they are well known for their durability, fertility, calving ease, and udder health.

They are good for many functions, with some potential in meat production. But the animals are primarily kept for milk production.

The cows generally give about 8000 kg of milk per year. Their milk is obviously quite superior quality having a fat content of 4.4 percent and 3.6 percent protein material.

Swedish Red cattle Facts

The Red Pied Swedish breed was the largest concerning dimensions. But merged with the Swedish Ayrshire cows breed in 1928, forming the Swedish Red cattle breed.

Genes of crimson breeds in Scandinavian countries have been incorporated into this breed over the previous five decades, as part of the combined breeding program.

And this breeding program involves incorporating berry genetics from Finland Denmark, Norwegian and Swedish Red cattle breed.

The breed was once common in Bohuslän and the arenas Dalarna, and in the area around Stockholm. However, this cattle breed is extremely rare today extinct.

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