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Poll merino sheep

Poll Merino sheep are raised primarily for wool and meat. The breed is from Australia. A subtype of the Australian Merino without horns(polled). Poll Merino wethers and rams are less prone to poll strike than horned …

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Polwarth sheep characteristics

Polwarth sheep primarily raised for wool and meat production. The breed is developed in Victoria, Australia. The Polwarth sheep are three-quarters of Merino and one-quarter of Lincoln. The breed was developed in order to produce the hardiness which …

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What are merino sheep known for?

Merino Sheep primarily raised for wool. The breed is originated from Spain later refined in New Zealand and Australia. Merino wool is the softest and finest wool in the world. Merino Sheep breed information Merino sheep are …

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Gromark sheep characteristics

Gromark sheep mainly raised for meat and wool. The sheep were developed for good growth with minimal fat by Arthur C.Godlee at “Marengo” in 1965. The place of origin was Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. Gromark …

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What are English Leicester used for?

English Leicester sheep are raised mainly for wool and meat. They were imported to Australia in 1826 which suited well for better carcass and heavy fleece. Leicester breed is a strong constitution, good temperament, milking …

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What are Corriedale Sheep used for?

Corriedale sheep raised for meat and wool, a dual-purpose breed. One of the oldest breeds of New Zealand and Australia. They produce premium lambs when mated with sires of meat bread. Polwarth and Corriedale from the main …

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Cormo Sheep facts

Cormo sheep raised mainly for wool. The breed is from Australia. A cross with Corriedale and Merion resulted in Cormoin’s early 1960’s. Cormo sheep breed information Long-staple, white high-yield wool (average fleece weight 5.5 kg – …

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Comeback sheep facts

Comeback sheep are primarily raised for meat and fine wool. They are originated in Australia. The cross between British Longwool sheep and Merino‘s primary goal is to get finer and better style wool. Comeback sheep breed information …

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