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Ryeland sheep facts

The Ryeland sheep are mainly raised for meat. The breed originated from England. One of the oldest English sheep which were grazed on the rye pastures. The monks of Leominster in Herefordshire bred the Downs …

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Rough Fell sheep

Rough Fell sheep are mainly raised for meat. The breed is originated in England. Best known for their hardiness and adaption to hill conditions. one of the largest and biggest mountain breeds in Britain. Rough …

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Romney sheep characteristics

Romney sheep raised primarily for meat and wool. The breed is originated from England.  Romney can efficiently convert pasture into lean, high-quality carcasses. Romney shows footrot resistance, high fertility, good milk production, thus allowing them to feed …

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Portland sheep characteristics

Portland sheep primarily raised for meat. The breed is from the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England. Portland was the primary contributor to the Dorset breed. Portland sheep breed information The Portland is a small-sized breed which …

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Lincoln sheep: The largest British sheep

Lincoln Sheep primarily raised for wool. The breed is originated from England. The Lincoln breed is one of the largest British sheep that produce the longest, heaviest and lustrous fleece. Lincoln Sheep breed information The Lincoln …

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Lonk sheep: England’s best hill sheep

Lonk Sheep mainly raised for wool and meat. The breed is found in the hills of the Pennines, in England. The name of the breed is originated from the Lancashire word, the Lanky means long and thin. Lonk Sheep …

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Herdwick sheep characteristics

Herdwick sheep are primarily raised for both meat and wool. They are very good at landscape management. The native breed of England. The dual-purpose breed that has been around since the 12th century. Herdwick sheep breed …

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Information about the Greyface Dartmoor Sheep

Greyface Dartmoor sheep primarily raised for meat and wool. The breed is originated from the hills of Dartmoor, England. Dartmoor sheep are a hardy breed suited to grazing uplands and able to cope with most weather conditions. Greyface …

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Exmoor Horn sheep: A hardy upland breed

Exmoor Horn sheep primarily raised for wool. They are ancient breed indigenous to Exmoor, Devon county(United Kingdom). An excellent grass breeding sheep that is cheaply maintained at high altitudes. Exmoor Horn sheep breed information A medium …

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What are English Leicester used for?

English Leicester sheep are raised mainly for wool and meat. They were imported to Australia in 1826 which suited well for better carcass and heavy fleece. Leicester breed is a strong constitution, good temperament, milking …

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