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Serrai sheep

The Serrai sheep mainly raised for milk and meat production. The breed is native to Serres, Greece. Serrai sheep breed information The Serrai sheep are medium-sized breed, with a Roman nose and thin tail. The …

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Ruda sheep

The Ruda sheep are raised mainly for wool. The breed is native to Albania and Croatia. The Ruda sheep breed is considered as one of the endangered breeds of sheep in the Republic of Croatia. …

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Racka sheep : Long cork-screw shaped horns

Racka sheep raised mainly for milk, wool, and meat. The breed is originated from the North Africa. Later the breed has been kept by Hungarians for many centuries. The unique about this breed is their horns, the …

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Pomeranian Coarsewool

Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep raised primarily for meat and vegetation management. The breed is originated from Germany. The breed is exactly from the Pomerania region (the southern shore of the Baltic Sea in Central Europe, split between Poland and Germany.) Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep …

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Jezersko–Solčava characteristics

Jezersko–Solčava sheep primarily raised for meat and wool. The breed is originated from the eastern Alpine region of Europe. The name of the breed comes from the regions of Jezersko and of Solčava, formerly in the Austrian Empire, now …

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Gentile di Puglia sheep characteristics

Gentile di Puglia sheep are raised primarily for wool. The breed is originated in Puglia, Italy. Crossbreeding of local ewes with Merino rams from Spain resulted in Gentile di Puglia sheep. Gentile di Puglia sheep breed …

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Fabrianese Sheep : Italian Prime Lamb

Fabrianese sheep primarily raised for meat and milk. The breed is from Fabriano, province of Ancona, Italy. There are 70 farms that have Fabrianese in Italy, which has in total 6000 heads. But 10 farms …

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Comisana sheep facts

Comisana sheep primarily raised for milk production. They are found in Sicily, Italy. Originated from the Maltese and Sicilian breeds during the 19th century.  Comisana sheep breed information Comisana is a medium built sheep with a …

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Italy’s most famous – Bergamasca Sheep

Bergamasca sheep is a breed raised primarily for meat and is used for cross-breeding with other meat breeds to improve meat yield. The breed us from northern Italy, the mountainous part of the province of Bergamo. …

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