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Rouge de l’Ouest sheep

Rouge de l’Ouest sheep were primarily raised for dairy but now used in meat production. The breed is from France. The famous Camembert cheese is made from Rouge de l’Ouest milk. Rouge de l’Ouest sheep breed information The …

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Lacaune sheep : Famous French blue Roquefort cheese

Lacaune sheep are primarily raised for milk. The famous Roquefort cheese(French blue cheese) is made from Lacaune sheep’s milk. The breed is originated from Lacaune in Southern France. Lacaunes are considered one of the best-performing breeds of …

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Île-de-France sheep characteristics

Île-de-France sheep primarily raised for meat. The breed is originated in the French region of Île-de-France near Paris. Île-de-France sheep also called Dishley Merino. The breed is considered as one of the top meat breeds worldwide. Île-de-France …

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Charollais sheep characteristics

Charollais sheep raised primarily for meat. Originated in the east-central part of France. Known for easy lambing and used as a terminal sire for better meat growth. Majorly found in the UK. They were developed …

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Charmoise sheep characteristics

Charmoise sheep raised primarily for meat production hailing from France. The breed is used in the production of terminal sheep breeds like Charollais and Rouge. Used as a popular terminal sire for the first time …

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