Natural farming

Organic farm after 3 months

Rajeshwari Organic farm is so close to heart. The farm is made in the memory of mom. You might have seen the previous post on the farm. There is a reason why we are doing …

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Farm 2 : Rajeshwari Organic Farm

Farming is a way of life. Most of them think farming is tough. But I claim nothing is difficult when you take it at a personal level. Starting an Organic farm in completely neglected land …

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Farm Life Week 4

Natural Farming is not deep-rooted not convincing to our farmers too. Do you know why, because all the present day farmers know is the use of pesticides and a truckload of manure which will only get …

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Farm Life Week 3

Every farm’s story revolves around the same liquid – The Water.  We are blessed to get at least 1.5 inches of water. Water is too scarce in this part of Karnataka. Rainfalls are rare, even if …

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How to treat seed by Beejamrutham

The Natural way of Seed Treatment can be achieved by using Beejamrutham. The purpose of any seed treatment is to improve seed performance in the following ways: Improve Germination rates Protects germinating seeds and seedlings …

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What is Jeevamrutham and how to make it?

Jeevamrutham is made of two words – Jeeva and Amrutham. Both are derived from Sanskrit and widely used words in Hinduism. The word “Jeeva” means is a living being or any entity imbued with a life …

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What is Humus?

Humus is an aggregation of reddish-black colored matter created through the microbial decomposition of the dead vegetation (leaves, branches) and microorganisms. The decomposition process happened in the top of soil by most aerobic and a …

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