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Partridge silkie

Partridge Silkie is no different from a regular silkie. Partridge is another pattern of color, which has given the name. Silkie comes in many different colors like White, Black, Blue, Buff, Gray, Partridge and Splash. …

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Raising Araucana chicken

Araucana chicken is a beautiful domestic chicken that lay blue eggs. Famous for their hardiness, distinctive featherings, and blue-shelled eggs. Araucanas are exceptionally rare.  The word Araucana can be spelled as “ar-uh-Kah-nuh”. The Araucana chicken …

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Top Turkey Breeds for Farms

Are you considering raising turkeys? If so, check out the turkey breeds that would best fit your wants and needs. Once you’ve set you would like to boost turkeys, selecting the proper breed starts with deciding between broad-breasted and heritage turkeys. If you would like to boost a number of massive turkeys to roast for …

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